September 30, 2008

Animal drawings

I recently fall in love to draw animals, and here are some results. I usually try not to go a zoo because I don't want to see confined animals with sad eyes in their small cages. They look lethargic, so seems like they gave up everything, and it makes me upset though I enjoy seeing their looks. I'd go to East Africa for a safari if I got a chance. Then, maybe I could set my mind at easy and see them as much as I want. Anyhow, Finally, I'm going to San Francisco TOMORROW! I'm extremely excited about this, and very nervous as well. 

September 21, 2008

Welcome back Morgan!

The new season of Dexter is coming soon, and I've been looking forward to seeing it for a long time. Dexter Morgan the psycho path serial killer, who is disguised as a upstanding Miami citizen is also know as the mild-mannered Donut Guy at his office. In my opinion, he is one of the most fascinating characters we have come across in television in last several years. I really enjoy this show, especially when he is able to use his dead father's "codes" to maneuver himself skillfully out of suspicions way. I appreciate the shows unexpected stylistic qualities, in particular, the way Dexter's shifty eyes and uneasy expressions are doubled with a witty and clever narrative voice over. Not to mention, the opening sequence for each show is sheer genius, riddled with metaphor alluding to murder ad mayhem.

September 14, 2008

Sorry Kiddo

If we continue to exploit our natural resources, the ones who will have to suffer the consequences will be our next generation. Perhaps, they will blame us for the devastated Earth, as we stand by sheepishly without a valid excuse for ourselves. Even if this happens, however, there is always an answer. I wish we both could see the hope.

September 3, 2008


When I watched Monster, Inc. in 2001, I found my self falling in love with the two characters, Sulley and Mike. Their characters were so real, I felt like they were actually living among us, somewhere, somehow. I was tempted to get actions figures of them, but I wanted something more special and unique, not another mass produced toy. And so, I designed my own variation of the two in way that was different from the usual models of them. To make their arms movable, I molded Lego and Bandai model kit pieces in the joints.