September 3, 2008


When I watched Monster, Inc. in 2001, I found my self falling in love with the two characters, Sulley and Mike. Their characters were so real, I felt like they were actually living among us, somewhere, somehow. I was tempted to get actions figures of them, but I wanted something more special and unique, not another mass produced toy. And so, I designed my own variation of the two in way that was different from the usual models of them. To make their arms movable, I molded Lego and Bandai model kit pieces in the joints.


David Malan said...

Cool, these recent posts are really nice. I like the circus, Clint Eastwood and the boy and deer. The shapes are great and the design is fantastic.

Hoony said...

Thank you very much. I'm so flattered and honored. I've admired your works. You're a terrific draftsman!

Mike Terry said...

Sweet action figures. I remember when I first saw the teaser for Monsters,Inc. I was obsessed every since. That's Pixar for you.