September 21, 2008

Welcome back Morgan!

The new season of Dexter is coming soon, and I've been looking forward to seeing it for a long time. Dexter Morgan the psycho path serial killer, who is disguised as a upstanding Miami citizen is also know as the mild-mannered Donut Guy at his office. In my opinion, he is one of the most fascinating characters we have come across in television in last several years. I really enjoy this show, especially when he is able to use his dead father's "codes" to maneuver himself skillfully out of suspicions way. I appreciate the shows unexpected stylistic qualities, in particular, the way Dexter's shifty eyes and uneasy expressions are doubled with a witty and clever narrative voice over. Not to mention, the opening sequence for each show is sheer genius, riddled with metaphor alluding to murder ad mayhem.


lautrette said...

love your blog!
great design , color, caricature... the all spectrum!

Christian Robinson said...

This is an Awesome illustration.
you really nail Dexter, It looks just like him.

I love this show as well, but i have only seen the 1st season.

Do i see a line drawing of Dexter holding the box where he keeps his victims blood sample in that blood splatter.

Patrick said...

Great blog Mr Hoon.Very nice Illustrations!.

Hoon said...

Thank you for the generous comments.

Christian : Actually, the box I drew is not the Dexter's wooden box. It's a donut box.^^ The line drawing part is supposed to look like his persona. Yet, I'm excited to hear from your different perspective. I didn't know it could look like that. Thanks.


Great! work~!
i like your drawings and painting~

Javas said...

awesome portrait, u really captured the character! great series!

Joseph Lee said...

Great piece! Love the textural design of blood in the background! Fun!

Henk said...


I came across this blog when I searched on DEXTER. It takes series from abroad a while to reach The Netherlands. I'm not a guy who tends to watch series but this is indeed intriguing and very well told without being bored after a few episodes.
I saw this very well drawn character. The charactirsation of his face and body are far better then I normally come across.

Regards ANIWHY